Sunday, October 5, 2014

Color Clutch: The Ultimate Nail Polish Space Saver

 The secret is out...And yes it is true-I am a nail polish-aholic. Over the years my collection of polishes has grown from 5 to 155 and with that many polishes, it's hard to find the space to store them all! I recently came across a new product called Color Clutch which is a new nail polish storage product.  It's a compact storage solution for nail polish that can store up to 18 bottles in only 2.5 inches of space.  This product is sleek and the box can fit right on your shelf, like a book! 

This is a beauty storage product that is definitely worth checking out.  It's great for girls like me who live in dorms or small apartments and simply don't have the luxurious space to store polishes. Learn more about Color Clutch by clicking here and feel free to watch the video at the beginning! YAY for compact and organized storage!

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