Sunday, March 16, 2014

Classy Kate Spade Watches for Spring!

 So I've been slightly obsessed with one of my best friends watches from Kate Spade.  This gorgeous gold watch is the perfect size and is ideal for any season.  You can stack different bracelets with this watch or keep it simple.  I know everyone looks at their smartphone to check the time but watches like this are so classic! 
You can get awesome deals at the Kate Spade outlet shops.  They almost always have 25-50% of of the merchandise so keep your eyes out for a great sale.


  1. Such a cute watch! I haven't owned a watch in ages, but it might be good to invest in a nice one :)

  2. Definitely! You can get some cute and inexpensive ones at the Kate Spade outlet

  3. Yeah, you are right that Kate Spade watches are very popular these days. These watches are perfect choice for daily wear or for all occasions.