Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Kate Spade & Lilly Pultizer Lover's Dream

This past weekend I had an amazing opportunity to spend a night in NYC with my best friend. We had a lovely time catching up, exploring the upper east side, and obviously shopping. Two stores that really caught my eye were Kate Spade and Lilly Pultizer, both on Madison Ave.  I have always loved these two brands, but the gorgeous stores in NYC made me love them even more! I obviously took some pictures of the shops for all of my lovely readers. So enjoy the images and prepare yourself for some classy overload.

Lilly Pultizer: 1020 Madison Ave

What more can I say about this store other than it's perfect! Although Lilly is more popular and commonly worn in the warmer southern states, there's no reason a NY gal can't experiecne this brand too! I love the set up and the design of this entire store.  The women working couldn't of been more friendly and helpful! I had a great experience here and can't wait to go back soon...real soon!
Where can I purchase a card with endless amounts of money on it so I can buy everything in this store? I walked in and wanted everything.  However, all I bought was this phone case in my favorite pattern.

Kate Spade: 789 Madison Ave

This store up on Madison Ave was so beautiful!  It had three levels filled of Kate Spade galore; clothes, heels, and my favorite, the purses.  Kate Spade's bags are gorgeous and so versatile and I'm dying to get my hands on one.
Love this! I want a matching one to put on my room wall.
Kate Spade from the second floor!
If you live in the city or are taking a visit for the holidays, make sure to check out these two stores if you are in the area!  Both were so pretty and decorated flawlessly.  Even though both of these shops are a little more on the higher priced side, there's is nothing wrong with taking a peek through the shop and just looking around.  Hey, Christmas is coming soon.  Maybe if you've been good, Santa will bring you a nice Lilly or Kate Spade treat underneath your tree :)

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