Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Steal of the Century!

Being the girly girl that I am, I love my staple bold, chunky necklaces.  Since they are usually costume jewelry and more trendier pieces I can never bring myself to spend more than $20 on a single necklace.  Over the past few seasons I have been obsessing over the infamous "Bubble Necklace" JCrew released a while back. I immediately fell in love with the necklace, but could not bring myself to go out and drop $125-$150 dollars on it.  The amount of times I looked in the mirror at an outfit and said "Wow this outfit could really use a bubble necklace" is actually insane. So over this past weekend while perusing through Charlotte Russe, a store I rarely walk in to, my eye was immediately drawn to this knock off JCrew bubble necklace. I was honestly so amazed by the quality and similarity between this necklace and the original JCrew one. I fell in love with this necklace even more when I looked at the price tag, $12.99! So I picked up two, one in off-white and one in coral.  You just can not go wrong with this price and when you find something you love, you buy it in every color right? 
JCrew Bubble Neckalce $150
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Charlotte Russe Bubble Necklace $12.99
My photo!
Moral of the story is, pop your head into stores you would never think about shopping in.  You may just leave with a smile on your face and a big ole bag of goodies.  And just when you think it can't get any better, if you are a college student, Charlotte Russe offers a 10% discount on your purchase with a valid student ID! So pop in and check out your closest Charlotte Russe ASAP for this amazing deal!

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  1. Es precioso ese collar! Me encanta!

    Ya tienes una nueva seguidora :)

    Un besoo!!