Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pinterest made me do it.

Recently I've been spending way too much time on this site called "Pinterest".  I am 99.9%  pretty sure that many of you heard about Pinterest, but if you haven't, I strongly suggest that you never, ever log on because once you start "pinning", you seriously will not be able to stop.  For those who have never stumbled upon a Pinterest page I will try to explain it to you in less than 140 characters. Pinterest is a beautiful, addicting, colorful place filled with inspiring posts and pictures for just about ever category of life.  Now if you are asking yourself "what's so great about that". Then continue reading on.  If you were so interested and excited by my lovely explanation and logged onto Pinterest at this very moment. Then enjoy the rest of your night (life) pinning away.

Sometimes I ask myself why is this particular website so appealing? So I have recently created a list pinpointing exactly all of the reasons why I love Pinterest oh so very much. 

Reason One: Pinterest is unique. It's one of the few social media that allows people to pass time with out scrolling through our "friends" personal issues and pictures on other sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
Sure, you have followers on Pinterest, but the individuals who choose to follow you are ones who enjoy the a lot same things as you. Therefore, you feel like some sort of fashion expert or crafting connoisseur when random women start following your style and DIY (do it yourself) boards.

Reason Two: Everything is just so neat organized and just right from your face.  If only one could reach into the computer screen and grab everything. It's so appealing, the gorgeous outfits, the awesome beauty tips, the inspiring quotes, delicious meals & the fun workout routines we all pin but let's be honest we never really do.

Reason Three: Everything inside your Pinterest is free. When I see something online I pin it to one of my boards I feel like I'm pinning it to my personal cyber closet. Oh you like these shoes, I own them... well on Pinterest. It's like retail therapy, but without the shocking credit card bills at the end of the month.

Reason Four:  Lastly, Pinterest gives you so many great ideas that you probably would of never thought of with your own brain. It unlocks these brilliant ideas, tricks, and tips that make you feel like Superwoman when you show a friend. When I asked a friend for her take on Pinterest she said "It's a place where secrets are answered. The secret to the perfect curl, the secret to the perfect chocolate chip cookies, the secret to getting the perfect look. Women love finding out secrets, therefore we love Pinterest". From her mouth to the Pinterest gods ears.
So what I'm really trying to say is that if I could live inside of Pinterest, I would. It's my heaven on a laptop screen. Thank you Pinterest, for giving me so many ideas and helping me start almost every conversation these days with "so I saw this thing on Pinterest..."

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